Private Recreation Facility Specifications
Eligibility for Private Piers


  1. Lots must meet the minimum lot width, water depth, and cove width specifications outlined in Section III.A, above.
  2. As explained in detail in the Stewardship Policy, adjoining property owners in new subdivisions platted and recorded on or after July 1, 1999, must maintain a 100-foot forested setback.
  3. Lots in certain subdivisions on Narrows Reservoir, including lots in the Uwharrie Point and Heron Bay subdivisions, are already subject to a 100-foot building setback requirement and tree removal restrictions (known as the “6-inch rule”) established pursuant to the Bald Eagle Management Plan (BEMP) for Narrows Reservoir. These existing requirements continue to apply to these lots, except as otherwise provided for in the Stewardship Policy.
  4. In order for a lot in a new subdivision to be eligible for a private pier, the subdivision developer must have satisfied Yadkin’s applicable Environmental Assessment (EA) or Agency Consultation Process requirements and obtained subdivision access approval as set forth in Yadkin’s Subdivision Access Approval, Multi-use Facility Permitting, and Industrial Approval Procedures. In extraordinary circumstances, such as the bankruptcy of the developer, if the developer fails to complete an EA, Yadkin will consider other alternatives to completing an EA, consistent with Yadkin’s Shoreline Management Plan.