Private Recreation Facility Specifications
Aquatic Vegetation


  1. Yadkin prohibits the removal or destruction of aquatic vegetation growing in the reservoirs or along the immediate shoreline at or below the normal full-pool elevation of the reservoir (655-foot contour2 on High Rock Reservoir, 541.1-foot contour2 on Narrows Reservoir). Aquatic vegetation provides very important habitat for fish and other aquatic life forms and must not be cut, removed or any way harmed by adjoining property owners.
  2. Consistent with NCWRC guidance, Yadkin may allow the construction of new piers in shoreline areas where there is aquatic vegetation present, so long as the pier conforms to the specifications set forth in the construction permit and the adjoining property owner complies with the terms of an Aquatic Vegetation Agreement, which must be signed before a private recreation facility permit will be issued. In that Agreement, the adjoining property owner must assume responsibility for the health and viability of the aquatic vegetation beds in front of the lot, and if it is later determined that, due to unnatural causes, more than 25% of the aquatic vegetation bed has been lost, the private recreation facility permit will terminate and the pier must be removed. A copy of the Agreement may be obtained from Yadkin upon request.
  3. Yadkin may, from time to time, grant written approval for the removal of certain forms of non-native, nuisance aquatic plants. This approval will only be granted with the concurrence of the NCWRC.