The Narrows development is located in Davidson, Stanly and Montgomery counties, North Carolina on the Yadkin River at river mile 236.5. Completed in 1917, the Narrows development was the first of the Project developments to be built. Narrows Dam consists of a main dam section and a bypass spillway section. Four steel penstocks convey water from the intake section to the powerhouse. The dam impounds a reservoir (Narrows Reservoir or Badin Lake) that has a normal full pool area of 5,355 acres and a drainage area of 4,180 square miles. The normal full pool elevation of Narrows Reservoir is 509.8 feet (USGS datum).


Hydrostation Facts

The powerhouse, which is located immediately downstream of the intake section, contains four vertical Francis turbine units directly connected to generators. Each unit has a licensed capacity of 27.20 MW for a total licensed capacity of 108.80 MW. The plant is automated and is operated remotely from Alcoa, Tennessee.


Narrows Reservoir has some storage available and a maximum drawdown capability of approximately 30 feet. During normal operations, Narrows Reservoir typically fluctuates within a 3 foot range. However, like High Rock, available storage at Narrows Reservoir may be used during periods of drought in order to help maintain the required minimum downstream releases. Drawdowns during such periods can exceed 3 feet.


Date Opened:  1917

Full Pool Elevation: 509.8 feet

Surface Area Acreage: 6,355 acres

Generating Capacity: 108.8 megawatts

NC Counties: Davidson, Stanly, Montgomery