V. Environmental Assessment Specifications


  1. General Description — a detailed description of the proposed subdivision, multi-use facilities, or industrial uses/facilities, including maps illustrating boundaries of the subdivision property or facilities, proposed lot lines, and the placement of structures in relation to existing property boundaries and the reservoir shoreline. Maps must clearly indicate the location of any Yadkin-Managed Buffer or other Yadkin-Managed Lands adjoining the site of the proposed subdivision or facility. In the case of subdivisions, the EA must also contain the following specific information:
    1. A map of the subdivision showing all proposed private lots, as well as any lots to be used as common areas. Each lot should be clearly identified with an individual lot number, and the map must clearly indicate any Yadkin-Managed Buffer or adjacent Yadkin-Managed Lands.
    2. A list or map showing lots that are proposed for private, shared (for two adjoining lots), or multi-use facilities (group piers, launches, etc.), or other facilities that require a permit from Yadkin.
    3. The shoreline width of each lot adjacent to the Project reservoir as measured at normal full-pool elevation of the reservoir (655-foot contour at High Rock, 541.1-foot contour at Narrows) . Lot width in areas where there is Yadkin-Managed Buffer should be measured by extending the side lot lines to the normal full-pool elevation of the reservoir.
    4. The water depth at normal full-pool elevation near the center of each lot adjacent to the reservoir at a distance of 75 feet from the shoreline.
    5. A reasonable site plan for each lot adjacent to the reservoir shoreline illustrating how Yadkin’s requirement for a 100-foot forested setback will be achieved (see the Stewardship Policy).
  2. Purpose — a description of the purpose and need for the proposed subdivision or facilities or modification of existing facilities.
  3. Shoreline Impact — a description of the amount and type of impact on the reservoir and the shoreline within 100 feet of the normal full-pool elevation of the reservoir.
  4. Required Permits — a listing of all federal, State, and local permits/approvals that will be required.
  5. Shoreline Development Restrictions — a description of any State or local development restrictions that apply to the proposed subdivision or facilities, including any county ordinances, watershed protection, buffer zone, or setback requirements.
  6. Building Setback — a description of how the developer proposes to meet or exceed Yadkin’s 100-foot forested setback requirement. In order for lots in a subdivision to be eligible for a private pier or to be granted other access or activity permits, Yadkin requires a 100-foot forested setback from the reservoir for all new structures (including but not limited to buildings, houses, driveways, roof overhangs, decks, porches, patios, cantilevered decks, stairs, posts, columns, fences, retaining walls, landscaping walls, and gazebos). (See the Stewardship Policy.) For subdivisions, the EA must indicate how setback and forested area requirements for property owners will be enforced (e.g., restrictive covenants, deed restrictions, etc.).


(3)All contour elevations are Yadkin datum.