VI. Agency Consultation Process


A. General


Certain types of smaller subdivisions, multi-use facilities, and industrial uses/facilities that are not located in the shoreline Conservation Zone, as delineated in Yadkin’s Shoreline Management Plan (SMP, Appendix D), are not required to complete an EA but are required to conduct the Agency Consultation Process described below.


The applicant must prepare a package of information for submission to State and federal resource agencies for their review and comment. Yadkin will provide the applicant with a list of the reviewing agencies. The information package must include the following basic information. In the case of modification of existing facilities, the information package must focus on the proposed modification.


B. Information Package


  1. Cover Letter — a cover letter similar to the attached, providing the agency with basic information regarding the proposed subdivision access or facilities.
  2. Description — a brief description of the proposed subdivision or facilities or modification, including maps illustrating boundaries of the subdivision property or facilities, proposed lot lines, and the placement of structures in relation to property boundaries and the reservoir shoreline. Maps should clearly indicate the location of any Yadkin-Managed Buffer or adjacent Yadkin-Managed Lands. In the case of subdivisions, the developer should also include (i) a copy of the subdivision plat that will be filed with the county, (ii) a description of the anticipated desires of individual property owners for reservoir access and individual access facilities (piers), and (iii) a description of provisions for joint or common access to the reservoir, including any multi-use facilities proposed.
  3. Shoreline Impact — a brief description of the anticipated impact on the reservoir and the shoreline within 100 feet of the normal full-pool elevation of the reservoir.
  4. Required Permits — a list of all federal, State, and local permits/approvals that will be required.
  5. Shoreline Development Restrictions — a description of any State or local development restrictions that apply to the proposed subdivision or facilities, such as any watershed protection, buffer zone or setback requirements and including any provisions of Yadkin’s Shoreline Management Plan such as the 100-foot forested setback from the reservoir shoreline that apply to the proposed subdivision or facilities.
  6. Applicant Information — Name, address, and phone number of the applicant, and a brief description of the background of the applicant.