Current Lake Conditions
Date 2/28/2015
Hour Ending 11:00:00 PM
Lake Elevation 595 Feet
Feet Below Full Pond 1 Feet
Fluctuation Forecast
Avg Inflow Today 6330 cfs
Avg Outflow Today 6393 cfs


Lake Level Messages

In late October 2014 Tuckertown Reservoir will be drawn down approximately 6-ft below the full pool reservoir elevation to allow APGI to repair and extend the existing concrete boat ramp at the Highway 49 Boat Access Area to improve safety and accessibility at the access area.  The drawdown will be gradual and will occur over a period of approximately four days.  Once the repairs to the boat ramp are complete, APGI will begin to refill the reservoir. The proposed drawdown schedule is dependent on weather and flow, so changes to the schedule may be necessary.

Severe Weather Alert
Visit the NC Drought Monitor for the latest drought conditions.

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