Badin (Narrows)

NOTE: APGI’s lake water levels should not be used as a benchmark for completing flood elevation certificates or determining property boundary lines along an elevation contour.  Instead, other standard surveying methods should be used for those purposes.


Current Lake Conditions
Date 10/22/2016
Hour Ending 9:00:00 PM
Lake Elevation 539.9 Feet
Feet Below Full Pond 1.2 Feet
Fluctuation Forecast
Avg Inflow Today 1158 cfs
Avg Outflow Today 1281 cfs

Historical Lake Level Data

View typical monthly lake levels based on historical data.


Fish Consumption Advisory
The N.C. Department of Health has issued a fish consumption advisory for certain fish in Badin Lake. Click here for more information.



Severe Weather Alert
Visit the NC Drought Monitor for the latest drought conditions.

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