Badin (Narrows)

NOTE: APGI’s lake water levels should not be used as a benchmark for completing flood elevation certificates or determining property boundary lines along an elevation contour.  Instead, other standard surveying methods should be used for those purposes.


Current Lake Conditions
Date 9/30/2016
Hour Ending 1:00:00 AM
Lake Elevation 537.9 Feet
Feet Below Full Pond 3.2 Feet
Fluctuation Forecast
Avg Inflow Today 624 cfs
Avg Outflow Today 0 cfs

Historical Lake Level Data

View typical monthly lake levels based on historical data.


Fish Consumption Advisory
The N.C. Department of Health has issued a fish consumption advisory for certain fish in Badin Lake. Click here for more information.



Severe Weather Alert
Visit the NC Drought Monitor for the latest drought conditions.

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