High Rock

Current Lake Conditions
Date 12/1/2015
Hour Ending 12:00:00 PM
Lake Elevation 654.2 Feet
Feet Below Full Pond 0.8 Feet
Fluctuation Forecast
Avg Inflow Today 6563 cfs
Avg Outflow Today 4359 cfs

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Lake Level Messages

It’s been a very dry year in the Yadkin watershed. The amount of water flowing into the Yadkin Project is down nearly 50 percent from historical averages so far this year – and the forecast calls for dry continue through October.


The water flows are the lowest since 2008, creating significant challenges to maintain water levels in the lakes. When water levels are low, underwater obstructions may be closer to the surface.


APGI is closely monitoring flows and planning ahead to minimize the impact of low flows on reservoir water levels. With the Yadkin watershed officially in a drought, the company will follow drought protocols that were developed with state officials and local representatives to protect the water supply in the Yadkin Project.


APGI is committed to operating in a conservative manner to help protect lake levels while continuing to meet our requirements to send water downstream.


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