Nearly 60 percent of the shoreline of the Yadkin Project lakes is forested.  Much of the shoreline and surrounding property is owned by Alcoa-Yadkin, Alcoa and federal agencies.  The Uwharrie National Forest borders approximately 10 miles of the shoreline of the Narrows Reservoir.


Alcoa manages these forest lands for timber and environmental protection.  An agreement with the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission designates much of the forested lands as Game Lands for hunting.


Dozens of rare plants and animal species inhabit the areas surrounding the Yadkin lakes and Alcoa-Yadkin manages these areas for protection of these species.  Approximately 41 percent of the total shoreline of the lakes is designated as Conservation Zones for the protection of plants and wildlife and to prevent degradation of the water supply.

A good place to learn more about the forests of the Yadkin lakes is the Eagle Point Nature Preserve in Rowan County near Salisbury.  The preserve has over four miles of hiking trails, a self-guided nature trail and wildlife observation areas.  For more information, call the preserve at 704.636.2089.