Alcoa-Yadkin prides itself on its strong environmental commitment and protection efforts.  We work everyday to provide a clean energy source, protect the water quality, wildlife and cultural resources of the region, and protect important resources along the shoreline.

The environment of Piedmont North Carolina is under increasing pressure from population growth and development, and the Yadkin River and the lakes within the Yadkin Project are no exception.  Hydropower is a clean, sustainable resource and Alcoa strives to manage the overall project to preserve its natural resources for the enjoyment of the people of North Carolina. And our Shoreline Management Plan is designed to protect the environment in the midst of growth and development.


The Yadkin Project lakes serve as important habitat for hundreds of species of plants, fish, birds and other wildlife.  Alcoa-Yadkin works closely with private landowners, the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission, the US Forest Service, and others to ensure habitats and area wildlife species can thrive.  Alcoa-Yadkin has identified a total of 41 percent of the shoreline of the lakes as Conservation Zones – areas of special environmental concern.


Several municipalities – Albemarle, Salisbury, and Denton -- rely on the lakes within the Yadkin Project for drinking water.  To help promote the environmental health of the project, Alcoa-Yadkin is a contributor to the North Carolina Clean Water Management Trust Fund and supports other public efforts to safeguard the state’s water resources.


The Yadkin Project is home to bald eagles, rare fish species and exotic plants.