Central North Carolina and the Yadkin-Pee Dee Basin are among the most culturally rich regions in the Southeast.  The area has been home to a variety of peoples for thousands of years, and evidence of earlier cultures abound along the shorelines of the Yadkin lakes.


A number of significant Native American archeological sites lie within property owned by Alcoa-Yadkin.  These areas have been protected by the company and by governmental agencies for decades.  In fact, because of the abundance of both the prehistoric and historic sites located in and near the Yadkin Project, the N.C. Department of Cultural Resources has proposed a portion of the area as a National Register Historic District.


The town of Badin is also rich in history.  The town was one of the first planned communities in the state – built by a French firm nearly a century ago to house workers for an aluminum smelting plant they sold to Alcoa prior to finishing.  The town’s architecture still shows a strong French influence and has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places.