Drought conditions in the Yadkin-Pee Dee Basin can lead to higher than normal fluctuations in water levels within the Yadkin Project.


Water levels and stream flow are strictly regulated by the Alcoa-Yadkin license from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to balance the need for recreational access, drinking water, industrial water use, power generation, and environmental concerns.  Regulations are based on a 50-year average of stream flow data for the Yadkin River.


As a result of the record drought of 2002, a Drought Contingency Plan was formed to ensure that all stakeholders in the Project are working together to manage drought conditions.  The group talks at least quarterly, and more often if drought conditions begin to occur.


Drought Contingency Plan Update 

A conference call was held on September 3, 2015 as outlined in Yadkin’s Drought Contingency Plan. 

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