Welcome to the homepage for the Alcoa Inc. Tennessee Operations 25-Year Club.

The Tennessee Operations 25-Year Club was organized on April 17, 1946 for employees who have at least 25 continuous years of service for Alcoa.  Currently, there are close to 2,600 members of the organization.  Each year, the 25-Year Club hosts two fundraising events and participates in numerous volunteer and civic opportunities. Be sure to stay up to date with all the latest news.


Board of Directors


Roscoe Goins


Tom Moore

Vice President

Don Gordon

Sam French

Darlene Parton
Memorials President


The Board of Directors meets the second Tuesday of each month.



A membership directory is now available. If your information is incorrect, or needs updated, please send an email to alcoatn25yc@gmail.com. Please reference your member I.D. when sending any updates and provide your current and new address.  We are also starting to communicate through email.  If you would like to add your email, please send that along as well!


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Please congratulate the 2014 25-Year Club officers, pictured with this year's Board of Directors. Pictured left to right: John Kincaid, Glenn Welch, Bob Landers, Richard Wood, Sam French (Treasurer), Red Paint Spilman, Roscoe Goins (President), Marion Griffitts, Darlene Parton (Memorials Secretary), Tom Moore (Vice President), and Don Gordon(Secretary). Not pictured is Beverly Warren.






Sharing History with the 25-Year Club

On November 23, close to 450 Alcoa 25-Year Club members enjoyed an afternoon of fellowship and reminiscing about Alcoa’s 100 year history. Those attending shared memories about their time at Alcoa.


We sat down with Norma Jones (91) - who began working at Alcoa at the beginning of World War II - to find out more about the chapters in her Alcoa story. Norma started working at the West Plant at Inspect Pack in 1942. She also worked at the Powder Mill. Then after being laid-off, she worked at the North Plant Box Shop and then moved to planning. Norma remembered taking metal samples to be inspected.


“I would pull a wagon with a piece of aluminum to the North Plant to be inspected.” She said working in the Box Shop was a hard job. “We had to lift heavy planks and we had to band them (boxes). If you were late you had to stack, so I would make sure I was on time,” she smiled.


In those days, working in the plant environment was a different time for women. Norma asked to transfer and she was told that women don’t transfer. Norma was also the only woman to work at the Powder Mill lab. Even with all the challenges, Norma appreciated her opportunity to work for Alcoa.


Norma retired in 1980 with more than 34 years of service. She enjoys the 25-Year Club fellowships and is glad that she can still come at 91 years old.


We also met Mary Newman who joined Alcoa in 1945. Mary began working at the Inspection department in the North Plant. After being laidoff,  she went to work in Foil Wrap at the West Plant.


“I made 65 cents an hour when I hired in and retired making $19 per hour. Mary retired in February 1982.


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