We know success in the metals business means more than just the products we offer. That’s why ATEP products are enhanced through engineering services ranging from research and development to manufacturing engineering and from alloy development to product prototypes.


Manufacturing Engineering

ATEP Energy Systems’ staff of highly experienced manufacturing engineering professionals is dedicated to working with customers to meet the demanding challenges of offshore oil and gas production environments. Using the latest design tools and processes, engineers at our Houston, Texas, facility focus on the smallest details, ensuring products move from concept to design quickly and efficiently.

Research & Development

Through our manufacturing R&D resources, ATEP is constantly working to advance the performance of titanium and other specialty metals. We conduct manufacturing R&D across our business units to meet emerging customer needs and continually improve our products.

Prototype Development

An innovative and essential portion of ATEP’s capabilities includes the development of various alloy and titanium prototypes. We develop titanium prototypes and other alloy or component subassemblies to reduce risk and enable timely transition to full-scale production.

Design for Manufacturability

ATEP helps customers to lower costs and improve product functionality through our specialized capabilities in Design For Manufacturability (DFM). Our capabilities include advanced titanium materials, proprietary assembly techniques such as ConnexSys, best-in-class machining, as well as state-of-the-art titanium forming and extrusion capabilities.

Field Service

We provide a wide range of metallurgical engineering services through our Energy Systems operation, employing an experienced staff that assembles and services equipment both within the facility and at the product destination.

Alloy Development

Research and development at ATEP includes titanium and other alloy development both for our own product offerings as well as on behalf of our customers. Our Advanced Innovation and Technology team, working throughout our manufacturing sites, provides customers with a collaborative resource to meet their needs for innovative solutions.

Finishing Services

Our six decades of expertise in manufacturing and finishing titanium products and other specialty metals makes ATEP the right choice to meet your specifications and requirements.  Coating applications include intermediate and finishing solutions. Intermediate coatings such as primer, anodizing and Ti-anodizing are applied to ensure components are prepared according to your specifications. Should customer applications require final finishing, we offer several outer-layer coating solutions ranging from top-coat painting to plating to film to enamel finishing.


For more information about ATEP’s titanium products and specialty metals finishing services, contact us today.