Mill Products



With more than 60 years of titanium manufacturing experience and recognition from customers such as Boeing, Airbus, Lockheed Martin, BAE, Northrop Grumman, MTU and others, ATEP delivers titanium mill products and services that meet the most demanding specifications and delivery schedules across the global supply chain. Our titanium mill products include:



An “as cast” form of titanium in a cylindrical or slab shape that is then further processed into final titanium mill products.


  • ATEP can support from 30-inch (762 mm) diameter (approximately 10,000 lbs/4,535 kg) up to 42-inch (1,067 mm) diameter (approximately 20,000 lbs/9,072 kg) ingots. Custom sizes and configurations are also available to support specific requirements.


An important step in the production process, this intermediate product is used to form bars and billets that are primarily sold as input material to the fastener and casting industries.  


  • ATEP bloom product is provided either round or square, with diameters greater than 4 inches (101.6mm).


Also referred to as bar, billet is supplied as a round, square or rectangular product. Engineered to suit our customers’ needs, our billet is typically categorized into three distinct product conditions:


  • Reforge Billet: Provided to forgers who will be re-heating and forging material to support downstream manufacturing operations, such as closed eye forgings or machined parts.
    • Round billets are typically supplied with peeled, ground or blasted surfaces to customer specification.
    • Squares or rectangles are typically supplied with a fine, ground and blasted surface.
  • Semi-Finished Billet: Provided to machine shops that will process the material directly into parts. This billet is typically supplied in the annealed condition.
    • Rounds are supplied with a peeled surface with tighter dimensional tolerances and minimal surface grinding permitted.
    • Squares and rectangles are supplied with a fine ground and blasted surface.
  • Extrusion Billet: Provided as input stock in the extrusion process.
    • Supplied as round products with very tight specifications dictating surface quality and straightness.


Alloy Plate

With a uniform thickness between 0.1875 inches (4.75 mm) and 4 inches (101.6mm), ATEP has the ability to produce alloy plate in both standard and custom sizes of specific thickness, width and length combinations. 

  • Plate is most often supplied in either the hot-rolled, annealed, blasted and pickled condition or ground condition.
  • With robust downstream processes including Nadcap-approved ultrasonic inspection and precision grinding, ATEP can produce plate product to the precise thickness tolerances and critical flatness demands of aerospace, oil and gas and medical device applications.



A smooth, flat titanium mill product with uniform thickness control from .012 inch (.3 mm) up to .187 inch (4.75mm) produced in both standard and custom widths and lengths. ATEP manufactures the industry's widest and longest sheet product on a mill designed specifically for titanium. This processing produces a desirable grain and low hydrogen in forming applications.

Titanium Aluminide (TiAl) alloy offers outstanding material properties. Able to withstand very high temperatures, TiAl also substantially reduces the weight of products such as low-pressure turbine blades that are traditionally made from nickel-based alloy materials. ATEP will be a major supplier of TiAl to Snecma for CFM International’s new LEAP engine, which will power the next generation of single-aisle commercial jets.

Advanced Powder Materials
The combined experience and talents of its scientific, research and manufacturing teams in Burlington, MA, and Niles, OH, give ATEP internationally-recognized expertise in developing advanced powdered metals and manufacturing processes to meet the growing need for near-net shape components in markets that include commercial aerospace, aircraft engine, defense, energy and medical devices.


For more information on ATEP’s extensive titanium mill product production capabilities, contact us today.