Engineered Products


ATEP has been building a reputation for leadership in component manufacturing, machining and forming for more than 60 years. Using state-of-the-art design and virtual simulation software, ATEP transforms titanium and other specialty metals into high-performance, precision engineered components that lower costs, improve productivity and increase production stability.


Additive Manufacturing:

3-D Printing

ATEP is a leader in the additive manufacturing or "3-D printing" of titanium, other specialty metal, and plastic parts and components, both for commercial production and prototype applications. Technologies include direct metal laser sintering and plastic laser sintering. 




Extrusion is a hot metalworking process in which round billets are forced under high pressure through specially designed dies to produce hollows and near-net shape profiles. We use a 5,500-ton extrusion hard metal press to produce titanium extrusions, as well as extrusions from stainless steels and Nickel-based super-alloys.



Hot Forming

Hot forming shapes titanium using a male-female die set to produce parts with various contours and bend lines. It is often used to manufacture aerospace parts such as bulkheads, frames, spars, skins, angles and brackets.

Superplastic Forming

Taking advantage of titanium’s special metallurgical characteristics, superplastic forming is a process that meets the requirements of the aerospace and defense industries for near-net shape components. ATEP is able to work with customers to design a single SPF part that can take the place of many conventionally formed parts, thereby reducing part count and weight.

Hot Brake Forming

Hot brake forming is a process used to produce titanium parts with relatively simple shapes, such as brackets and clips. The process is a cost-effective method for forming titanium that doesn’t require custom tooling, but can produce high-quality, close-tolerance parts.



Hard Metal Machining

ATEPs machining centers utilize several key elements for efficient titanium, aluminum and other alloy machining. These include an active dampening system, rigid construction for enhanced performance, a high-torque, high-powered spindle and a high-pressure, high-flow coolant system for increased speed and productivity.

High Velocity Machining

Computer numerical control (CNC) machines allow for precision machining of varied customized parts to meet the stringent needs of the many industries we support. Our equipment includes 5-axis horizontal milling machines specifically designed for high-productivity precision machining of complex aluminum monolithic parts.

Soft Metal Machining

ATEP has long been a pioneer in the development of 3-, 4- and 5-axis high-velocity machining (HVM) technology for the soft metal machining industry and continues to innovate at our facilities in Minneapolis, Minn.,and Laval, Quebec, Canada . The productivity and quality improvements realized through HVM make it feasible to replace multi-component assemblies with single-component, thin-wall monolithic parts.

Surface Treatment Finishing

ATEP’s capabilities include a variety of surface treatment finishing — from titanium cleaning to coating applications and more. Our Laval, Quebec, Canada facility offers a variety of surface treatment finishing in a 14,000-square-foot facility.

Precision Robotic Assisted Machining

Through applied use of robotic systems to support our journeymen machinists, we have automated repetitive tasks such as cleaning and measuring parts, freeing the machinist to trouble shoot the production unit and work on more advanced topics. These highly precise robots offer the added benefit of repeated high quality performance and reduced labor costs.

Long-Bed Lathes

ATEP Energy Systems in Houston, Texas employs several lathes capable of performing OD turning of individual pieces up to 65 feet long between centers and in excess of five feet in diameter. ATEP Energy Systems can  perform OD turning functions to extremely tight tolerances.

Full-Bore Honing

ATEP Energy Systems in Houston, Texas is a leader in inside diameter (ID) processing and honing, and can condition and machine the inside diameter of pipes from one to 65 feet in length, in diameters ranging from four inches minimum to 21 inches in lengths greater than five feet.​


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