Sustaining Our Communities


Helping the communities in which we operate adapt to a rapidly changing world is an important component of our sustainability efforts.


In 2013, Alcoa, Alcoa Foundation, and Alcoa Institute contributed more than US$4.2 million to projects benefiting the communities in which we operate. Many focused on the environment and education, while others addressed existing gaps in employment, governance, health, and safety.


The following highlight some of the 2013 investments made in Brazil (a total of US$2,025,136), Jamaica (US$79,000), and Suriname (US$58,560).


Juruti residents listen to a presentation

Juruti residents listen to a presentation from representatives of the Tapajós Cooperation project.

  • The Tapajós Cooperation project aims to develop the potential of sustainable businesses in the municipalities of Santarém and Juruti by strengthening non-timber forest and agro-extractive product chains.
  • In Poços de Caldas, we helped the Assistance to the Visually Impaired Association refurbish its facilities so the organization could care for more visually impaired patients.
  • Jamalco and the Trees that Feed Foundation planted more than 3,000 breadfruit seedlings in the resettlement communities of Mocho and New Bowens. When mature, the trees will contribute to the sustainability of these communities with the production of value-added products, such as breadfruit chips and flour.
  • Using sports as a means of social renewal, Jamalco invested US$40,000 to develop a netball program through schools in Clarendon and Manchester and US$92,00 to create football programs through the Jamalco Football League and the Jamalco Football Team.
  • The Wembley Center of Excellence, located near the Jamalco refinery, opened in May 2013. Jamalco and Alcoa Foundation provided US$296,000 of the US$378,000 needed to build this public educational and recreational center. It is the only facility of its kind serving the 14 communities in the refinery’s operating area.


Teenage mothers from a tribal village

Teenage mothers from a tribal village along the Tapanahony River meet with the highest-ranking local government official as part of the Stichting ProHealth program.

  • We provided US$56,000 to Stichting Ecologische Producten Suriname, which is an education-for-work program.
  • The Kibii Foundation received US$50,000 for its music training program.
  • A US$40,000 grant to Stichting ProHealth supported a pregnancy prevention and healthy lifestyle program for teen mothers.
  • The Stichting Caribamboo Assocation received a US$40,000 grant for its bamboo entrepreneurship activities in the Para and Wanica communities.




Community Investments
Millions of U.S. dollars
Includes Alcoa, Alcoa Foundation, and Alcoa Institute grants.
Employee Volunteerism

In 2013, our Latin American and Caribbean employees volunteered 31,091 hours in their local communities through Alcoa’s Month of ServiceACTION, Bravo!, Green Works, and Alcoans in Motion employee engagement programs. These efforts earned US$250,000 for non-governmental organizations, nonprofits, and associations.


Suralco employees help disabled students garden

Suralco employees help physically disabled students work in an accessible vegetable garden.

Volunteer projects during the year included the following:

  • Worldwide Month of Service: Alcoa volunteers from the São Paulo, Brazil, location helped students, parents, and teachers improve the facilities of the nearby Antonio Manoel Alves Lima State School in October.
  • ACTION: Suralco employees worked on an accessible vegetable garden for the Stichting Mytylschool, which helps approximately 85 children with physical disabilities.
  • Green Works: Employees at the Tubarão, Brazil, location joined community members in May to paint, clean, and revitalize the garden at the Leopoldo Marquides Correa Municipal School.
  • Alcoans in Motion: Some 150 Jamalco employees participated in a June fitness fundraiser to expand and upgrade the medical records department at Lionel Town Hospital.


Employee volunteerism has declined in recent years due to a change in the volunteering strategy, which now focuses on fewer initiatives with greater effectiveness and impact. In addition, the BRAVO! program in Brazil was restructured in 2013 to recognize the most relevant employee volunteer initiatives at six locations.

Employee Volunteer Hours
  Jamaica Suriname Brazil Total
2009 9,135 562   148,174 157,871
2010 11,138 731   195,134 207,003
2011 7,922 989   247,362 256,273
2012 11,260 736   52,922 64,918
2013 10,998 698   19,395 31,091