Supply Chain


As we continue to grow and develop our business in Latin America and the Caribbean, we want to ensure that our suppliers uphold our values while we reduce risk for the company. We require transparency in the supply chain and demand visibility into our suppliers’ social and environmental practices through our supplier relationship management processes.


Our operations in Brazil have implemented a supplier sustainability program that is focused on finding the balance between low cost and high social and environmental commitment from our suppliers located in that country.


Following the completion of a supplier sustainability pilot program in 2010, we began to systematically incorporate sustainability into our supplier evaluation processes based upon risk. We evaluate all new and existing suppliers that supply at least one of 16 commodities determined to be critical to sustainability. Each category contains differing supplier requirements regarding qualification and evaluation processes.


In 2013, we met all targets established for our supplier sustainability program in Brazil, which included assessing 204 suppliers via the established evaluation process and completing 27 onsite audits to assess suppliers’ site conditions.


During the year, we registered 1,800 suppliers in the online system that evaluates supplier compliance in a range of social and environmental dimensions. Since the system’s inception in 2010, 6,600 suppliers have been registered.

Brazilian Supplier Sustainability Program
Number of suppliers
Process 2011 2012 2013
200   74   204  
Onsite Audits
32   28   27  
Registered Suppliers 2,235   2,565   1,800  


One way Jamalco is helping ensure sustainability in its supply chain is by working with its suppliers to better manage waste. For example, a drum management program requires Jamalco to return empty drums to their respective suppliers. The business is also returning empty printer ink cartridges to suppliers as part of contractual agreements.