Regional Overview


During 2013, Alcoa employed 6,000 people in Latin America and the Caribbean who worked at 15 locations in Brazil, Jamaica, and Suriname.


Bauxite from the Juruti Mine in Brazil

Bauxite from the Juruti Mine in Brazil is unloaded at the location’s port.

Our operations in this region, which first began in 1916 in Suriname, focus on bauxite mining, alumina refining, aluminum smelting, and fabrication. We also own and operate a hydroelectric power plant in Suriname and are a consortium partner in four operating hydroelectric power plants in Brazil—Barra Grande, Estreito, Machadinho, and Serra do Facão. The Pai Querê plant, in which we are also a partner, is in the licensing stage.


The global aluminum industry continued to have restrained demand, high inventory levels, and depressed prices in 2013. As such, we focused our efforts on ensuring the competitiveness of our operations and seeking market development opportunities with higher value-added products, including those in building and construction, oil and gas, wheels, and fastening systems.

Alcoa Locations in 2013
Location Operations
Belém Office
Brasilia Office
Itapissuma Extrusions and rolled products
Juruti Bauxite mining
Poços de Caldas Bauxite mining, alumina refining, and aluminum smelting
Santo André Extrusions
São Luís Alumina refining and aluminum smelting
São Paulo Office
Tubarão Extrusions
 Jamaica (Jamalco)  
Halse Hall, Clarendon Alumina refining
Rocky Point, Clarendon Port
South Manchester Bauxite mining
 Suriname (Suralco)  
Moengo Bauxite mining
Paramaribo Bauxite mining and alumina refining
Afobaka Hydroelectric power station
2013 Economic Impact
U.S. dollars
Sales 1.3 billion 
Wages & Benefits 0.3 billion 
Procurement Spend 2.2 billion 
Community Investments 4.2 million