Enhancing Our Workplace

We place great value on our employees and suppliers and hold each responsible for working in a manner that adheres to the highest standards for human rights and is safe, responsible, ethical, and focused on sustainability.

Our days away, restricted, and transfer safety rate is 85% lower than the most recent U.S. manufacturing average.
Corporate Governance
In October 2013, we launched our Integrity Champion Network
To better integrate our Ethics and Compliance Program into business operations.
Our People
We received the prestigious Catalyst Award to recognize…
Our innovation in recruiting, developing, and advancing women.
Zero employee fatalities in 2013.
In 2013, we earned the desgination of World's Most Active Company
By the Global Corporate Challenge.
Supply Chain
Of our key suppliers, we rated 78% as either…
Leading or active in regards to their sustainability programs in 2013.