Improving Our Products

Through their light weight, high strength, durability, and recyclability, our products are inherently sustainable and improve the sustainability of our customers’ products.

Product Design & Life Cycle
We were the first aluminum company to have…
Our products Cradle to Cradle CertifiedCM.
Aluminum automotive solutions can be up to 50% lighter than steel…
Saving fuel and reducing emissions.
With a 76% global recycling rate, the aluminum can
Is the most recycled container in the world.
Building & Construction
Intelligent building facades incorporating aluminum systems…
Can decrease energy consumption in buildings by up to 50%.
Consumer Electronics
Our EcoWise™ aluminum alloy reduces…
The net environmental impact of handheld and mobile electronic devices.
Industrial & Engineered
We are the world's leading producer of blades and vanes…
Made of advanced super alloys for jet engines and industrial gas turbines.
In July 2013, we announced a closed-loop recycling program with Boeing…
To significantly increase the recycling of internal aluminum aerospace alloys used during the production of Boeing airplanes.