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These case studies illustrate how Alcoa is acting upon its commitment to sustainable development throughout the world. We are pleased with this progress, but look forward to achieving even more.

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Russia - 2010

Unique Alcoa Retraining Center Helps Former Employees Gain Employment

After being laid off from Alcoa’s Samara, Russia, production facility, Tatyana Prokudina participated in a unique Alcoa-developed outplacement program and quickly found a new career as deputy production manager for a door manufacturer.

“I attended computer training and courses in accounting, interviewing skills, and negotiation practices at the Alcoa Retraining-Redeployment Center,” said Prokudina. “These not only helped me find a new job, they are also helping me do the job, such as successfully communicating with customers and suppliers. The most important thing about the training is that it gave me confidence.”

Prokudina was one of the Alcoa employees in the Russian cities of Samara, Belaya Kalitva, and Moscow who were laid off in 2009 due to the economic crisis. While released employees at the Moscow office had job-hunting experience and career opportunities in the large city, employees at the two production facilities had fewer advantages in their smaller regions.

Recognizing this, Alcoa created onsite retraining and redeployment centers at the Samara and Belaya Kalitva locations to provide soft and technical skills training and job placement services. Partners included the government employment center, Samara Institute of Business Education, Alex Recruiting, and South Software Company.

“The value of the Alcoa Retraining-Redeployment Center in Samara is hard to overestimate,” said Nina Kutuzova, deputy director of the Samara Municipal Employment Service. “The company took responsibility for its recent employees and provided them with the opportunity to get a new profession and find a new job. Samara Municipal Employment Service was directly involved in this project, and I’m very happy to say that this partnership with Alcoa made it possible to help many people get out of a complex situation.”

Services provided at each of the two centers included:
  • Individual program development: Individual background/experience/market value assessment; needs assessment; customized job search; market analysis and help with selection of appropriate vacancies; professional help with resume writing; resume distribution by various means; and individual consultation on further retraining.
  • Soft skills training: Conflict management; crisis management; communication skills; how to be convincing; how to control emotions; how to succeed in an interview; and how to write a resume.
  • Retraining/Technical skills: Depending on the market, the retraining focused on the most in-demand skills. (See box at end of story for the most popular retraining courses.)
  • Employment services: Carried out with the participation of the government employment center.

Of the 1,700 participating former employees, more than 420 found a new job through the program. Many of the others found a new job through their own efforts.

Most Popular Training Courses
  • Electric and gas welder
  • Electrician
  • CNC automatic service person
  • Lifting gear operator
  • Automatic crane operator
  • Security
  • Plumber
  • Elevator operator
  • Boiler house operator
  • Computers
  • Accounting system—procurement, warehouse
  • Interviewing skills
  • General management
  • Personnel management
  • Negotiation skills
  • Effective sales
  • Logistics
  • Emotion control
  • Business finance
Course lengths varied from one day to a year depending on the complexity of the topic