New Products Available


We have added the following standards to our product catalog: 











The addition of SS4032, SS6022, SS6111, SS7047, SS7085, SS8011 and WA6063 to our catalog will allow analysis of these alloys, while eliminating the need to purchase specialty standards.  SQ19 is a new Setting up/drift correction standard that contains As, P, Sb and Sc in a 6061 matrix. Please view our product catalog for more information.



Product Improvement


Improving the products provided by Alcoa Spectrochemical Standards is an ongoing effort; we are currently focusing on alloys that tend to form a coarse chrome intermetallic species.  Formation of this intermetallic causes the between burn consistency to deteriorate particularly for Cr, Fe, Mn, and Ti leading to diminished analysis consistency for these elements. 


  • SQ11-The concentration levels of SQ11 have been slightly modified to reduce the formation of these course chrome intermettalics.


  • SS319-The concentration levels of SS319 have been slightly modified to reduce the formation of course chrome and Bi- Sr intermetallics. 


New Specialty Standard Thickness 


All new specialty standards will be produced with a thickness of 1.5" (38mm). Specialty standards can no longer be ordered in 1" (25mm) thick sections. A half ingot will consist of 10-1.5" thick sections and a whole ingot will consist of 20-1.5" thick sections. This will increase the amount of useable material for our customers.


Typcially when the standard becomes to safely machine, it must be properly disposed. By making the sections larger, there is less scrap resulting in the gain of usable material.


Note:  There will be an additional charge for all specialty standards produced in 1" thick sections.




ISO 17025:2005 Accreditation Renewed 

The testing methods used during the certification process have been accredited to the ISO 17025:2005 international standard for ‘General Requirements for the Competence of Testing and Calibration Laboratories’. Click here to view our quality accreditations.