Traceability to NIST
During the certification process NIST traceable standards, both solid and liquid, are employed, as well as NIST traceable weights for the calibration of balances used both in the standards production and the analytical methods used for certification.


All standard certification documentation contain the following statement of traceability: "These certified reference materials (CRM’s) are prepared and certified for the spectrochemical analyses of aluminum alloys using methodology similar to that described in ASTM methods E716 and E1251. All certifications are produced using at least two independent methods and detailed statistical analysis to assure homogeneity. Traceability to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is maintained through the use of NIST standard reference materials (SRM) or reference materials directly traceable to NIST SRMs. Balances used during production and analyses are calibrated with and traceable to NIST standard weight sets."