Alcoa spectrochemical standards are a necessary accompaniment to the spectrochemical methods used throughout the aluminum industry. With more than 60 years of experience supplying aluminum alloy standards, Alcoa spectrochemical standards have become recognized for their uniformity and certification accuracy.


An inventory containing the wide variety of standards listed in our catalog is maintained to meet demands of the many laboratories that depend on Alcoa standards for routine operation. Should the standards listed in the catalog not meet the specific requirements of a particular customer, Alcoa aluminum analysis specialists may suggest alternative standards or the purchase of specialty standards made to the customer’s specifications.


Selection of Standards


The Alcoa Spectrochemical Standards Catalog lists standards classified by alloy using Aluminum Association designations when available and Alcoa designations in other cases.  Alcoa Spectrochemical Standards can be used both in the preparation of analytical calibration curves and for the periodic adjustment of these curves for instrument drift.
Compositions listed in the product catalog are approximate since successive casts of a given catalog item will differ to some degree.  A Certificate of Analysis which documents the NIST traceable composition for a specific standard section is shipped with the standard.  At a minimum, certified compositions are reported according to the Aluminum Association guidelines.  Certified compositions may be reported with an additional digit when uncertainty induced by rounding is a significant contributor to the overall uncertainty.



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