Samara: Community Projects

Alcoa’s corporate social activity in the Russian communities focuses on Environment and Education. As part of this commitment the company implements community programs with the help of Alcoa Foundation - one of the largest corporate foundations in the USA. From 2005 to 2014 the company invested $5,5 million in the community development in Samara region.

ZAO Alcoa SMZ implements a number of projects aimed to solve local community issues in . These projects include support for the underprivileged groups of the population (elderly people, orphans, people with special needs), social activities aimed at environment protection, improvement of the territories, support for nonprofit organizations. The volunteers of the company are the key contributors to these projects.



  • Alcoa Foundation Technical Education Support Program in Samara State Aerospace University (SGAU): scholarships to best students at engineering faculties, stipends for young faculty members, technical upgrades of lecture rooms and laboratories 
  • Alcoa Foundation Technical Education Support Program in Samara Metallurgical College: scholarships to best students
  • Technical modeling for secondary schools
  • Alcoa Foundation Program “Healthy Youth – healthy future of Russia” (equipping middle schools of the Kirovsky district in Samara with free-access fitness areas and organizing events to promote healthy lifestyle among young people, prevention of AIDS and other diseases among young people)
  • Reforestation in the Samara Region
  • Projects of Alcoa SMZ for local community: community enhancement, assistance to children with disabilities, orphans, veterans, employee volunteering events to clean up, refurbish and landscape the Metallurg district, environmental events in natural reserves and other projects.

In 2012
Alcoa Foundation launched three new programs. They were aimed at environment protection, healthy lifestyle promotion and elderly people support. The investments of Alcoa Foundation in these programs totaled $131,000.


  • The program “Green City” is an educational and environment protection program for schoolchildren which is implemented by the Training Centre for Ecology and Safety (Samara). The program aims to increase environmental awareness of schoolchildren from the partner schools and Alcoa community members through  educational workshops and practical activities on the territory of Samara and the Samara region.
  • The program “Silver Age” aims to support elderly people. It is implemented by Samara regional social organization “Historic Ecological Cultural Association Povolzhie” (Samara). The program is aimed at the preservation and promotion of health, intellectual and creative abilities of elderly people as well as support of their social activity.
  • The program “Healthy youth – healthy future of Russia” is an educational program on healthy lifestyle for young people. The Fund “Time to live!” (Samara) has been implementing this program for 2 years. The program is aimed at improvement of young people’s health and the demographic situation in Samara region (i.e. reduction of AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Diseases, reduction of drug abuse) through launching a wide range of informational and educational campaigns and providing social and psychological support for the underprivileged groups of the population.