Alcoa in Russia: Figures and Facts

Alcoa first entered Russia in 1993. Since 2005 the company operates a fabricating facility in Samara.

In order to improve the product quality and raise the production efficiency to the international standards required by large customers in Russia and abroad, Alcoa upgrades the production and implements new technologies at Alcoa SMZ.

In addition to equipment purchases and upgrades, substantial funds are invested in Environment, Health and Safety System improvement, Alcoa Business System implementation, and employee training and development.


ZAO Alcoa SMZ is Russia’s largest producer of fabricated aluminum. 


The share of Alcoa SMZ in the Russian mill products market is nearly 40%.


ZAO Alcoa SMZ plant is:

  • 1,380,000  square meters of land
  • 680,000 square meters under roof


ZAO Alcoa SMZ has 3 business units:

  • Casthouse
  • Mill products
  • Extrusions (includes forgings production)

- the largest extrusion press in Russia
- the largest forging press in Russia



manufactures a wide variety of flat-rolled, extruded and forged products:

  • coils, including beverage can stock (body, end and tab), food can stock, lacquered strip;
  • profiles, panels, pipes, forgings, incl. large-scale ones


The plant serves customers in many markets, including aerospace, packaging shipbuilding, automotive, building and construction, oil and gas, transportation and other industries.



Based on the outlook for the Russian and global aluminum markets, Alcoa invests in the casthouse, mill  and forging capacities in order to meet the demand of the most rapidly developing sectors of the Russian economy.


The investment program at  ZAO Alcoa SMZ includes:


  • Casthouse: development of high-quality ingot production for can stock and fabricated aluminum in aerospace, building and construction, food industry.
  • Extrusions: development of fabricated aluminum production for oil and gas, building and construction.
  • Forgings: development of large-scale forgings production for aerospace, oil and gas.
  • Mill Products: development of can stock production, tin stock and lacquered stock for aerospace, building and construction, food industry.




Alcoa SMZ: 


  • BSI certificate on quality management system ISO 9001 and AS 9100;
  • BSI certificate on quality management system ISO/TS 16949;
  • BSI certificate on environmental management ISO 14001;
  • Certificate of Aviation Register of Interstate Aviation Committee on aerospace materials production;
  • Certificate of Russian Maritime industry of Shipping on recognition of shipbuilding materials manufacturer;
  • TUV Certificate for production according to European Directive on pressure equipment PED 97/23/EC;
  • Certificate of Federal Accreditation Service Rosaccreditatsiya for the metrological department granting the right to check the measuring equipment;
  • Accreditation certificate of Federal Agency on Technical Regulation and Metrology (Rosstandart) for the plant’s Testing Laboratory;
  • Accreditation certificate of Certifying Center “Material” for the plant’s Testing Laboratory.




In 2005-2014 Alcoa Russia and Alcoa Foundation have invested in the communities $11 million.


Alcoa Russia corporate social activity is aligned with the global focus areas of the Alcoa Foundation – Environment, Education and Community Enhancement. As part of this commitment Alcoa Russia and the Alcoa Foundation implement long-term technical and economical education support programs, educational programs in conservation, sustainability and healthy lifestyle for youth, cardiac care program for children.


In addition, Alcoa SMZ implements community programs to address the local  community needs. These projects include support of socially vulnerable groups of population (elderly people, orphans, people with disabilities), environmental events. As part of Alcoa program Ten Million Trees, Alcoa employees planted about 65 000 trees.

The combined community investments in the Samara region in 2005-2014 amount to $5.5 million



  • Alcoa Foundation Technical Education Support Program in Samara State Aerospace University (SGAU): scholarships to best students at engineering faculties, stipends for young faculty members, technical upgrades of lecture rooms and laboratories 
  • Alcoa Foundation Technical Education Support Program in Samara Metallurgical College: scholarships to best students
  • Technical modeling for secondary schools
  • Alcoa Foundation Program “Healthy Youth – healthy future of Russia” (equipping middle schools of the Kirovsky district in Samara with free-access fitness areas and organizing events to promote healthy lifestyle among young people, prevention of AIDS and other diseases among young people)
  • Reforestation in the Samara Region
  • Projects of Alcoa SMZ for local community: community enhancement, assistance to children with disabilities, orphans, veterans, employee volunteering events to clean up, refurbish and landscape the Metallurg district, environmental events in natural reserves and other projects.


Alcoa Russia Locations

Alcoa SMZ, ZAO
Fabricating facility in Samara



Alcoa SMZ, ZAO, Separate entity
Administrative office in Moscow