ZAO ‘Alcoa SMZ’ Modernization Program 

When Samara Metallurgical Plant (SMZ) entered Alcoa in February 2005, the equipment upgrade program at SMZ moved to a new level. The plant received an opportunity to invest simultaneously at all the four main production units of the plant: Casthouse, Flat-Rolled Products, Forgings and Extrusions. Over 350 million dollars were invested to upgrade the plant’s technological chain over the period 2005-2008.

A number of large-scale investment projects were completed under the complex upgrade of all SMZ production business units.

The following equipment has been upgraded at the plant:

- Unique, the world-largest hydraulic presses – the vertical press with the capacity of 75,000 tons and the horizontal press with the capacity of 20,000 tons.
- Casting unit for can stock production
- 5-stand hot rolling mill
- Vertical quenching furnaces and ageing furnaces
- Stretching machine for extruded products 
New equipment was put into operation:

- Two casting units
- Slitting line for can stock
- Slab saw line
- Pusher-type furnace for ingots heating and homogenization
- Horizontal quenching furnace
- Coating line for aluminum coated sheet production (in 2009)

These changes made it possible to reduce production costs of the plant, to improve the quality and competitive capacity of the manufactured products, ensure safe and comfortable working conditions for the employees of the location.

The changes that have taken place at Samara Metallurgical Plant since 2005 ensure that the plant remains the leading Russian producer of fabricated aluminum and  strengthens this position from year to year. 

ZAO ‘Alcoa AMR’ Modernization Program  

The investment program that has been implemented at the plant since 2005 included:

Casthouse: development of high-quality ingots production for high-duty products.
Forgings: development of die-forgings production for automobile wheels for domestic and foreign markets.
Flat-Rolled Products: development of aerospace plates production with the characteristics that are in compliance with the global standards and directive technologies of the world aviation companies.

Alcoa made investments to build a new airspace plate production complex: installed new and upgraded old ageing, annealing and quenching furnaces; installed a new plate cutting line, a new USI line, a new stretching machine and other equipment. Due to this upgrade the quality and the output of the manufactured plates have increased. The production range of pipes for aviation at Alcoa Metallurg Rus Extrusions was expanded from 50 to 95 mm.

The investments in Alcoa’s Belaya Kalitva location totaled 2.5 billion rubles in 2005-2008. Within the ‘Aerospace plates production development’ program alone the total amount of investments into Alcoa Metallurg Rus production capacities equaled 37 million USD.

In addition to upgrading the production chain, investments were made in the Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) system, employees training and human resources development.

Health and safety of every employee is one of Alcoa’s core values. All the employees of the location have personal protective equipment; they undergo regular medical examination and EHS training. A fault tracking and elimination system is in place, all Alcoa locations have regular safety audits.

Another Alcoa principle is continuous improvement in everything we do. On September 30, 2008 Alcoa Russia launched its Center of Excellence at Samara Metallurgical Plant. The main goal of the Center is to train employees in lean manufacturing tools of the Alcoa Business System (ABS).