Employee Volunteer Initiatives

Alcoa is committed to supporting the efforts of our employees as they work to improve the quality of life in their individual communities. Employee volunteerism offers a growing and global opportunity to deepen the engagement with our communities, and it is a source of lasting, positive social impact.

Alcoa’s executive leadership team has provided consistently strong and visible leadership, which has built a corporate culture where volunteerism is central to Alcoa’s values and an integral part of our community engagement and positive impact on communities worldwide where we have a presence.


The Alcoa volunteers program incorporates three key initiatives—Worldwide Month of Service, ACTION, and Bravo!. It aims to foster a unique corporate culture of service, where every employee is encouraged, supported, and recognized for the active role he or she plays in making our communities safer, stronger, and more innovative places in which to live and work.

Alcoa Foundation partnerships aim to engage Alcoa employees in community-focused programs and projects and encourage their active involvement in Alcoa’s community-based initiatives.


Alcoa Volunteers Program

Worldwide Month of Service