Production Facilities of ZAO Alcoa Metallurg Rus

Belaya Kalitva plant has four core production units:
- Casthouse
- Flat-Rolled Products
- Extrusions
(including Forgings)
- Cookware (formerly known as Kalitva Plant)

The plant produces the following product types:

Casthouse products:
- slabs and billets of various typical sizes

Flat-Rolled Products:

- sheets, plates, coils

Extrusions products:

- tubes and pipes, profiles, rods, bars, extrusions and forgings

Cookware products:
A wide range of household and public catering aluminum cookware products. There are more than 200 cookware articles with anti-stick coating and without coating (pickled cookware). The cookware under Kalitva trademark is an acknowledged leader in Russia and CIS and is a multiple winner of “100 Best Russian Goods” award and “XXI Century Quality Mark” award, it has diplomas and medals from FMCG exhibitions.


For the first time, the modernization of the plant and installation of new equipment was performed in all four core production units and included non-core units. Most upgrades have already been completed, major ones being:

Casthouse installed new high-performance homogenizing furnaces ## 1, 2, 3 produced by Seco/Warwick, casting unit #7 was put into operation, and units ##11, 14, USI #1, 2 were upgraded. In 2012 the plant installed new frequency converters for EMC ingots at casting machines #8 and 9. Data measuring and recording system was upgraded at homogenization pit blocks ##1, 2, 5, 7, and Metacon devices were installed with the interface to allow data transfer to a memory disk. Chambers # 1, 2 were fitted with gas meters connected to Automatic system for commercial accounting of power consumption. As a result, the plant became capable of producing high purity alloys for aerospace and general applications.

Flat-Rolled Products performed modernization of rolling equipment.

From February 2005 till present, FRP was fitted with such new equipment as:

  • state-of-the-art Ebner quenching unit;
  • Seco/Warwick ageing furnace;
  • USI lines – 15M Alloy and 30M Alloy;
  • AluCut slab saw line.

Production technology was improved on the basis of the newly installed technological equipment, and the technology for production of aerospace application plates with the thickness of 25 through 100 mm of alloys 7075 and 2024 was developed.

Boeing company has certified the production of aerospace plates of the following alloys:

- 2024Т351 with the thickness from 25,4 through 101,6 mm

- 7075Т651 with the thickness from15,0 through 50,9 mm,  and from 50,9 through 101,6 mm.

Much work was done to meet the requirements of Airbus, and as a result, Irkut Corporation and Airbus certified the plates production of 7175 alloy.

The plant is working to improve the production technology of aerospace plates of  V95pch/och alloy (improved and special purity alloys) in T2 and T3 supply conditions to enhance corrosion resistance.

Besides, the plant mastered the production technology for plates of alloy 1163T7 to get guaranteed specific mechanical properties.

The production practices are being implemented to master production of goods of the new alloy 1565 with advanced performance characteristics for shipbuilding industry and tanker trailers production. Besides, the plant continues to improve and master the production of aluminum drill pipes and sandwich panels PAS-1B, PAS-2B for defense industry.

The plant is mastering the production of sheets and plates of alloys 01570, 1545K with special parameters for aerospace application.

Modernization of flat-rolled products unit was performed within the period from 2010 to 2012:

1. The first level of the process control system was implemented, roll force measurement devices were installed, and control boards were replaced at the hot mill. Old-fashioned thyristor converter of rolling table supply were replaced by modern digital ones. Implementation of measured strip cut at the side line is on the final stage.

2. Modernization of control system with installation of programmable controller S7-300 was performed at the Cold Mill Quatro-2800 in November 2011. Automatic precise strip stoppage system and backlash eliminating device were implemented, control boards replaced. New coilers were produced at NKMZ to be installed at the plant.

3. In the first quarter of 2012, electric equipment of the mill was upgraded, control machines, sensors, cables and control panels were replaced. New oil-pumping stations REXROTH were installed.

4. In 2011-2012, temperature controllers of KSP type were replaced by programmable temperature controllers of Termodat type at all heating units.

5.In October 2012, the plant got an approval for construction of preheating furnace OTTO JUNKER which is planned to be commissioned in the first quarter of 2014.

The Extrusions of ZAO AMR is equipped with the unique vertical hydraulic presses with the capacity of 3,200 tons, 5,000 tons, 10,000 tons, horizontal hydraulic presses with the capacity of 5,000 tons, 3,100 tons, 2,500 tons, 1,500 tons. Besides, there is a unique refrigerator tube production line Sipa and the equipment for nitrogen gas production.

The columns of the horizontal hydraulic press with the capacity of 10,000 tons were changed in the Extrusions, vertical quenching furnaces were fitted with Yokogawa devices that ensure guaranteed quality goods production. The equipment, technology and tools for production of new profiles and pipes were taken from the Extrusions of ZAO Alcoa SMZ to ZAO AMR, the equipment for nitrogen gas production was installed on the plant, and nitrogen tube extrusion technology was implemented.

At the Cookware production unit the coating section was modernized, the new state-of-the-art high capacity coating line was installed. The plant is replacing old worn-out equipment and is installing new high-performance equipment that complies with all current standards. A high performance press is commissioned at the production area of cookware with non-stick coating, which makes it possible to reduce labor intensity and power consumption. The existing equipment is upgraded to produce new goods meeting the requirements of the modern market. The instrument stock is being regularly upgraded to ensure production of new types of goods.