Belaya Kalitva: Community Projects

Alcoa’s corporate social activity in the Russian communities focuses on education, environment and health. As part of this commitment the company implements community programs with the help of Alcoa Foundation, one of the largest corporate foundations in the USA. From 2005 to 2011 the company invested $ 2.2 million in the community development in Belaya Kalitva.

ZAO Alcoa Metallurg Rus implements a number of projects aimed to solve local community issues. These projects aim to support underprivileged groups of the population (elderly people, orphans, people with special needs), promote healthy lifestyle, protect the environment, improve territories, support nonprofit organizations. The volunteers of the company are key contributors to these projects.

Programs implemented in Belaya Kalitva, Belaya Kalitva district and Rostov region are:

  • Program “10 million trees until 2020”
  • Technical Education Support Program  in Don State Technical University (DGTU) provides scholarships for students specializing in engineering, scholarships for the young faculty and new up-to-date equipment for the classrooms and laboratories.
  • Technical Education Support Program in Belaya Kalitva Polytechnical College provides scholarships for students.
  • Educational program for school children in Rostov region “Friends of Reserved Islands” aims to adapt and implement the most effective methods and techniques of out-of-class educational programs and encourage school children to participate in environmental protection activities.
  • Cardiac Care Program for children Heart to Heart with support of Alcoa Foundation. Every year the international medical alliance Heart to Heart in Rostov-on-Don promotes high technologies in treatment of children who suffer from complicated congenital heart diseases.
  • Program “Youth Votes for Health” is aimed at healthy lifestyle promotion among young people. As part of this program vandal resistant fitness equipment is installed in parks around Belay Kalitva district.
  • Alcoa Volunteers Programs

Local Community Programs of  ZAO AMR provide support for veterans, people with special needs, orphans and children from disadvantaged families, manage and implement projects in partnership with the community of children with special needs “Semitsvetic”, improve the territory in Belaya Kalitva, develop the infrastructure of non-profit organizations and run other projects.