ZAO Alcoa Metallurg Rus

ZAO Alcoa Metallurg Rus (ZAO AMR, formerly Belaya Kalitva Metallurgical production association) is the leading producer of fabricated aluminum in the South of Russia. The plant produces a wide range of rolled and flat rolled products, extrusions, tubes and forgings of all aluminum alloys in compliance with international and Russian standards. The facility traditionally supplies aerospace, automotive, building and construction and other industries. Alcoa Metallurg Rus also produces aluminum pots and pans under Kalitva trademark ( The plant’s production and quality control system is certified to comply with the following standards: BS EN 9100:2003, ISO 9001:2000, EN 9104:P1 for aluminum and fabricated aluminum production - ingots, plates, sheets, coils, profiles, tubes, forgings and extrusions.

The share of ZAO AMR in the mill products market is nearly 10%.

ZAO AMR has 4 business units:


  • Casthouse
  • Millproducts
  • Extrusions (which included forgings and extrusions shop floor)
  • Aluminum pots and pans production (formerly OOO “Zavod Kalitva”)