Production Facilities of ZAO Alcoa SMZ

Samara plant has three core production units:

- Casthouse
- Flat-Rolled Products
- Extrusions (including Forgings)

The plant produces the following product types:

Casthouse products:
- slabs and billets of various typical sizes

Flat-Rolled Products:

- sheets, coils, painted coils, coated coils (including body stock, end stock and tab stock), embossed and patterned sheets and coils

Extrusions products:

- small- and large-size extrusions (rods, shapes and panels) and pipes of various sizes.

- large-size die-forgings (weighing up to 3.5 t) and forgings (weighing up to 14.5 t) made of aluminum alloys, for application in aircraft, aerospace, electrotechnical and other industries.

Alcoa SMZ Extrusions is equipped with a unique and the world’s largest vertical hydraulic press with the capacity of 75,000 tons.
Besides, one of world’s two largest horizontal presses with the capacity of 20,000 tons is also installed in Extrusions of Alcoa SMZ. Alcoa gave a new life to this unique equipment. Hydraulic and electrical control systems of the press were upgraded.

Alcoa SMZ is the Russian producer of aluminum can stock for soft drinks and beer.
Over 350 million dollars were invested to upgrade the plant’s technological chain over the period 2006-2010. Advanced equipment of the US, Japanese, German and other Western European leading metallurgic equipment manufacturers was purchased.


For the first time, modernization of the plant and installation of new equipment was performed in all four production units, including non-core departments. Most upgrades have already been completed, major ones being:

Two new high-performance casting units were put into operation and unit 21 was fully upgraded in Casthouse. An automated slab saw line was put into operation. And that made it possible to meet the demand in high-purity alloys for can stock as well as for aerospace industry.

The largest press in the world with the capacity of 75,000 tons was equipped with a new control system and new manipulators in Extrusions. The horizontal press with the capacity of 20,000 tons was upgraded. All existing quenching furnaces were upgraded, and new ones put into operation to comply with all standards of western aerospace industry, shipbuilding and other industries.

Alcoa Russia’s Samara Plant performed hot mill modernization in Flat-Rolled Products, commissioned a new high-performance furnace for ingots pre-heating, upgraded cold mill control system, installed several new slitting lines for can stock. Besides, the Samara Plant commissioned a new state-of-the-art coating line to produce high-quality coated sheet.
The production capacity of the new coating line is about 60,000 tons per year. The project was completed within the shortest timeline, just in 17 months. In January 2008, the Plant started to install equipment, and in June, 2009, it shipped the first production lot to a client.

The equipment was developed and supplied by BWG Company, Germany, a worldwide leading producer of coating machinery for ferrous and non-ferrous metals.
The line allows processing of aluminum coils in different alloys with the thickness of 0.15 through 0.8 mm. The width of the sheet is from 1050 through 2050 mm. The processing rate is up to 250 m per minute.
The process provides for sheet trimming, stretch flattening, preliminary surface treatment, coating, drying and surface quality control.
The line is fully computerized and is fitted out with all necessary equipment providing safe operational conditions both for operators and for the environment. So, a combined extract-and-input ventilation system located in a coating cabin completely changes air medium 60 times per hour.
Coils for coating are delivered by the Flat-Rolled Products of Alcoa SMZ that has all necessary capacity. Samara flat-rolled products quality reached the level of its foreign counterparts.

In 2012, Alcoa SMZ launched new EBNER furnace for preheating and homogenization of aluminum ingots for can stock production. Putting new high-capacity EBNER furnace into operation is another stage of the extended modernization program that Alcoa has been implementing at its Russian plants since 2005. The investment in EBNER furnace installation is estimated at $14,000,000. The equipment was designed and supplied by the Austrian company EBNER, a recognized leader in heat treating complexes for semi-finished products treatment in ferrous, aluminum and non-ferrous metallurgy.


Forging press, capacity 75,000 tons
Extrusion press, capacity 20,000 tons
Coil coating line