Scrap Specification Documents

Used Beverage Container (UBC) Scrap

UBC Specifications 


Class Scrap

Self Generated Class Scrap — Alcoa - Rigid Packaging Division 

RSI - Reclaimed Scrap IngotSpecification for Reclaimed Scrap 

Ingot (RSI) Ingot/Sow — Alcoa - Rigid Packaging Division  

All Other / Misc Scrap

Plant Specifications – what is accepted


NA Scrap Specifications PD-001S 

Defective Material Report

Defective Material Report

Plant Specifications – what is accepted

Plant Specifications – what is accepted


UBC Policies


Recycle your aluminum cans!

Recycling saves money and it's great for the environment. Alcoa buys tons and tons of used cans from scrap dealers and other recyclers all over the world every day. You can be a part of it through curbside recycling, by selling cans to a local recycler, or by donating cans to charitable recycling programs. For more information, see these links:
Alcoa Recycling Website

Can Central