Supplier Information for UBC Quality

The quality level of purchased UBCs has a direct impact on both the productivity and costs incurred by the mills that process them. A lack of UBC quality can also cause unsafe conditions for both personnel and equipment in those mills.


Alcoa Recycling and its suppliers must work together to ensure that the UBCs supplied meet your customers' quality requirements. The use of quality standards is the key enabler to achieving this goal.


Continual attention to quality will protect the inherent value of UBCs as a feedstock for new aluminum can sheet and further the competitive position of the aluminum can in the marketplace.


Alcoa Recycling UBC Product Quality Specification (PDF)


Alcoa Recycling Supplier Qualification Procedure (PDF)


Alcoa Recycling UBC Supplier Quality Audit (PDF)


Alcoa Recycling Deficient Weight Policy (PDF)


Alcoa Recycling DMR (Defective Material Report) Procedure (PDF)


Alcoa Recycling DMR (Defective Material Report) Form (PDF)


Terms and Conditions for Purchase of Products (PDF)


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It's estimated that since 1972 some 37 billion pounds of aluminum have been recycled in the U.S. These 1.2 trillion aluminum cans placed end-to-end could stretch to the moon and back some 174 times, and have earned Americans more than $25 billion.
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