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Student Raising Funds for College by Recycling Aluminum Cans

CITY, STATE – MONTH, DAY, YEAR – John Smith knew that if he was going to get a college degree, he was going to have to find some innovative ways to raise extra cash. That’s when he started recycling aluminum cans, and encouraging his friends and family to do the same.


“College these days is really expensive, and I didn’t have a lot of spare cash, so I thought why not recycle cans?” said Smith. “If I could just pay for my books each semester, it would be a big help.”


Smith already knew the advantage of recycling aluminum cans from an environmental perspective – that aluminum is infinitely recyclable and takes 95% less energy to make from recycled materials – but only thought of the financial side when he was studying the overflowing recycling bin in his dorm room.


It takes about 33 cans to make up one pound of aluminum, and the average going rate for aluminum is about $.40/pound. So to raise the $400 each semester he needs for books, Smith is trying to collect 33,000 cans.


“I’ve been really surprised by how many people have joined my cause,” said Smith. “I set up a Facebook page and people are recycling all over the country for me. I’ve collected nearly 15,000 cans so far. It’s been amazing!”


Smith learned how to set up recycling fundraising program by visiting