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About Alcoa Aluminum Powder

Alcoa first manufactured aluminum powder - a flake pigment designed for use in paint formulations - in 1910.  Made by beating thin sheets of aluminum into tiny flake-like particles in a stamp mill, these pigments were the only aluminum powders produced for over 20 years.  It was not until the late 1930's, and the introduction of the atomization process, that the forerunners of today's atomized powders were manufactured.
During the 1930's, atomized aluminum powders were used only as raw material to produce aluminum flake pigment by ball milling.  It was not until World War II and the development of aluminized high explosives that a major market for atomized aluminum was created. 
Alcoa has constantly refined and improved its powder products as the application of atomized powders broadened in postwar years from military explosives to such markets as chemicals, metallurgical products, commercial blasting agents, rocket fuels, and pharmaceuticals.

Quality Manufacturing
To meet the individual needs of each of our markets, Alcoa now manufactures over 50 grades of aluminum powders.  All are produced by the same basic atomization technique; starting materials may differ and further processing may be required. 
In addition to our standard grades, Alcoa produces a number of special grades to meet our customers' needs.  The availability of these custom grades is subject to inquiry.
Alcoa is committed to the highest quality standards and to continuous product and process improvement.  Powder production at our Rockdale and Pocos de Caldas plants is completely governed by stringent quality control procedures, and the quality systems at both facilities have been certified to be in compliance with ISO 9002 standards.
Alcoa Aluminum Powder production processes are designed for full control and consistent quality in particle morphology and size distribution in every run.  At the same time, we have the flexibility to tailor products for customers' specific needs so they can optimize production and reduce processing costs.  Each lot produced through our computer-controlled atomizer is specifically tailored to meet our customers' exact requirements.


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