Intalco Works Alcoa - Wenatchee Alcoa World Alumina L.L.C. - Point Comfort Alcoa - Rockdale Alcoa Warrick Operations - Evansville Alcoa Tennessee Operations Mt. Holly - Goose Creek Jamalco - Alcoa Minerals of Jamaica, Inc. Alcoa Primary Metals -- Baie-Comeau Aluminerie Deschambault Aluminerie de Becancour, Inc. Alcoa Massena Operations operating locations
Map Legend: Refinery Smelter

Country City Products Name
Canada  Baie-Comeau, Québec Primary Aluminum
Baie-Comeau Smelter/Aluminerie de Baie-Comeau 
  Bécancour, Québec Primary Aluminum
Bécancour Smelter Inc./Aluminerie de Bécancour inc. 
  Deschambault, Québec Primary Aluminum
Deschambault Smelter/Aluminerie de Deschambault 
United States  Alcoa, TN Can Reclamation, Primary Aluminum, Sheet/Plate
Alcoa Tennessee Operations 
  Evansville, IN Can Reclamation, Primary Aluminum, Sheet/Plate
Alcoa Warrick Operations - Evansville 
  Ferndale, WA Primary Aluminum
Intalco Works 
  Malaga, WA Primary Aluminum
Alcoa - Wenatchee 
  Massena, NY Extrusions/Tube, Primary Aluminum, Wire/Rod/Bar
Massena Operations and Massena Alcoa Forgings and Extrusions 
  Point Comfort, TX Alumina, Alumina Chemicals
Alcoa World Alumina L.L.C. - Point Comfort 
  Rockdale, TX Primary Aluminum
Alcoa Primary Metals - Rockdale, United States