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Aluminum powder can be tailored to thousands of unique requirements. Alcoa Aluminum Powder products have physical and metallurgical characteristics which make them the right  choice for a wide variety of applications. These uses range from helping to propel rockets to improving personal hygiene. Some of the major applications include:

Metallic Pigments
Alcoa Aluminum Powder is used in the manufacture of silver metallic pigments that dramatically enhance the visual appeal of coatings, paints, inks, plastics, and textiles.  Key markets are automotive coatings, electronics, and packaging.

Alcoa Aluminum Powder provides controlled reaction rates in chemical manufacturing of polyolefins, synthetic alcohols, and aluminum-based chemicals.  In general, the higher the surface area of a metal powder, the faster a given reaction.  Where increased reactivity is needed, titanium alloy powders are supplied by Alcoa.  Key markets are plastics, deodorants and antiperspirants, and specialty chemicals.

Rocket Propellants
Missile and rocket propellants usually fall into either a solid or liquid classification.  One of the most important fuels in solid propellants is aluminum powder.  Alcoa Aluminum Powder is used exclusively as a fuel in the reusable solid rocket motors for NASA's Space Shuttle.  Aluminum powder has also been added to experimental liquid propellants to produce more powerful metallized liquid propellants. For these applications, Alcoa can supply aluminum powder according to various government and military specifications.

Photovoltaic thick film pastes
Alcoa Aluminum Powder is used to produce thick film pastes that are applied to the back side of silicon in the manufacture of solar cells. These pastes are screen printed on the back side of solar cells and then metallized to create an electrical conductor that makes the cell work properly. Alcoa can provide customized superfine powders with tightly controlled particle-size distribution in commercial quantities for PV applications. A high priority for this application is increasing cell efficiency and decreasing costs, and Alcoa is partnering with our customers to help them achieve these goals.

Alcoa Aluminum Powder has two broad uses in the metallurgical industries: as a reducing agent and source of heat and as an ingredient in alloying additives. As reducing agents and sources of heat, aluminum powders are used in aluminothermic and exothermic applications.  An example of an aluminothermic application is the production of ferroniobium.  Exothermic applications include the use of aluminum in hot-topping compounds, stress relieving, exothermic welding, and powder lancing.  When used as an alloying additive aluminum powder and other ingredients are added to molten metals.

Alcoa Aluminum Powder is used as an additive to carbon refractory furnace linings for the steel industry.

Adhesives, Sealants, Coatings
Alcoa Aluminum Powder is used as an additive or filler in specialty adhesive and sealant applications.  Aluminum powder can also be used in coating applications such as powder diffusion, dry powder coating, and thermal spray coating.  For these applications, Alcoa can supply aluminum powder according to various aerospace and military specifications.

Alcoa Aluminum Powder is used in the production of blasting agents for both commercial mining and military defense applications.  Aluminum powder is typically preferred in aluminized slurry explosives based on ammonium nitrate.  These are preferred due to their low cost and relative safety during manufacture, storage, transport, and loading.  For these applications, Alcoa can supply aluminum powder according to various government and military specifications.

Powder Metallurgy
Powder metallurgy is the consolidation and processing of metal powders into a near net shape part with predetermined mass, shape, and physical and mechanical properties.


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