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Rolling Slab - Norway

Alcoa Norway produces 130.000 mt of rolling ingots per year. We are specialised on 5xxx series aluminium alloys in various dimensions up to 9.000 mm length and a width of 2.930 mm. These jumbo slabs can weigh up to 45 tons. We are also supplying 3xxx, 4xxx and 6xxx series aluminium alloys on request. Alcoa Norway is a supplier to special market niches and serves most of the large rolling mills in Europe. Being processed through the rolling mills, the slab is made into aluminium plate or sheet of various thicknesses. Major end market uses for products coming from Alcoa Norway are lids for beverage cans, body structural automotive parts, automotive air conditioning, plate and sheet for fast aluminium ferries and liquid-gas tanks on ships, and tooling plate for large machines. The stringent requirements of the end user markets are constant challenges which drive the joint customer development work. With its close connections to all customers Alcoa Norway receives continuous feedback on the products’ performance in the customers’ processes. JIT delivery, short lead times and quick technical response are some of the important factors when serving the European home market.

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