What's NewSeptember 13, 2012
Alcoa Named to the Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes: World and North America

April 5, 2012
Alcoa to Curtail Refining Capacity

We provide a secure base of Aluminium starting stock like ingots and billets for each of Alcoa's downstream Aluminium businesses, such as Mill Products and Extrusions. We also supply products to a broad external customer base in all major markets. In addition to unalloyed Aluminium ingot, we produce value-added forms of primary Aluminium that include billet, rolling ingot, cast rod and various casting alloys.

  • Commodity grade P1020
  • High purity ingot
  • Foundry ingot
  • Billet
  • Rolling slab
  • Cast rod
  • Powder
  • Spectrochemical Standards for Aluminum Alloys


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