New MoMA show honors Sta-Tab can and other 'Humble Masterpieces'
The Sta-Tab aluminum beverage can is featured in "Humble Masterpieces," a new exhibit, which opened April 8 at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. "Humble Masterpieces" contains 120 simple objects deserving our admiration as indispensable masterpieces of design, including paper clips, Post-It® notes, Band-Aids, Bic pens and tea bags. The invention of the Sta-Tab is credited to Daniel F. Cudzik, of Reynolds Metals in Richmond, VA. While other beverage can companies were working on similar designs, his became the industry standard, solving a variety of problems at once. It was easy to use by consumers and it prevented the litter and barefoot hazard of razor-sharp tear-strip openers. Just as important, the Sta-Tab kept the aluminum alloy tab with the can, making recycling more efficient and less expensive.

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Sta-Tab is the beverage can design that put an end stepping on pop tops.