Shell Brunei


40% Weight Reduction Achieves Drilling to Greater Depths in Highly Deviated Well Offshore Brunei


Alcoa FarReachTM Drill Pipe supersedes & outperforms steel in one of the most complex and deviated s-curved wells in offshore Brunei development, enabling drilling to much greater depths and distances, where previous steel string attempts failed.


Alpha Hunter


Alcoa Drillstring Saves Spudder Rig $150,000 Per Well


Alcoa's hybrid drillstring provides cost-saving, efficient use of rigs in Utica Shale drilling, extending the reach of spudder rigs from the 6,000 ft limit to beyond 10,000 ft.


Armurtur ERD Well


Alcoa Hybrid Drillstring Achieves ERD Well Drilling from Small Platform & Workover Rig