Alcoa Aluminum Alloy Drill Pipe Aids in Providing Geotechnical Drilling Insight.


Companies engaged in offshore geotechnical survey projects often engage Alcoa aluminum alloy drill pipe in their quest to determine the geologic feasibility of specific offshore drilling sites.


Lightweight, high-strength Alcoa aluminum drill pipe for geotechnical drilling

The light weight, high-strength properties of Alcoa aluminum alloy drill pipe contribute to its high performance and ultimate effectiveness in such geotechnical operations. Alcoa aluminum drill pipe provides an impressive 58,000 psi typical yield strength and 64,000 psi typical ultimate tensile strength. By using lightweight Alcoa aluminum drill pipe, geotechnical companies can often increase the drilling depth capacity of existing drillship fleets by up to 100%.


At one-half the weight of steel, Alcoa aluminum alloy drill pipe is the drill pipe of choice for this critical application. Altogether, benefits include:


  • 50% reduction of drill string wet weight
  • Lower weight / increased drillship drilling depth capacity
  • 20 – 30% less torque and drag
  • 20 – 30% less string stretch
  • Superior horizontal drilling characteristics
  • Optimized hydraulic design
  • Easier and safer to transport and handle