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Will I like the work I do?
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"I like the work I do here because what I do makes a difference and to see something that I've had a hand in making out on the floor is a great feeling."

- Geoffrey Spain, Co-op




"Yes. I am finding many different projects engineers can work on that they don't teach in school."

- Kim Woehrle, Co-op




"Yes. My work is similar to that of my boss's work, so it feels like I'm actually contributing something."

- Ian Povlich, Co-op




"Yes. I feel like that projects I'm working on aren't just busy work, they're important and contribute a significant amount to the company."

- Kristin Baker, Intern




"I like what I'm doing because it is building my experience for my future job search. I would like to work in waste management, but I have no experience with it from school. I feel like I'm getting more practical knowledge for the career I would like to pursue."

- Tracy Wollin, Intern



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Will I like the people I work with?
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"The people I work with in both the engineering department and in production are extremely intelligent and conscientious. They care about what they are doing and making their jobs safe."

- Jamie Foehrkolb, Co-op




"I enjoy working with the people here because I enjoy working with people. Alcoa has a number of different kinds of people, new and old, production, engineering, management and staff, hourly and salary, etc. I'm working on a single project now where I have to meet with all of these people."

- Timothy Brown, Co-op




"The people at Alcoa are incredibly friendly. My mentors are energetic and enthusiastic about their jobs, and always concerned that I am learning as much as I possibly can. They're not only interested in me as an employee, but as a person. They make coming to work every day during my summer break a pleasure."

- Kristin Buel, Intern



"The people in the PCS group are very easy to talk to and are very willing to assist and coach with portions of the work that is not understood. Alcoa helps interns feel like they belong at Alcoa and that their contributions are very important to the scope of the plants' development."

- Freddrick Morrow, Intern



"The people I work with have been great. I have been involved in many of the important projects in my department. My questions are welcomed, as is my input. It also surprised me that many of the engineers I work with are only a few years older than me. It's nice to enlist the help of someone who readily remembers being the new kid on the block."

- Kari Buckmaster, Intern



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Will I be able to apply things I learned in school to my job?
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"Actually, I have learned more about engineering in these last two months than I ever did at school. Some of the basic stuff I learned in school does apply to the work I am doing, but I feel that I will gain more from this experience than from any class."

- Gage Huston, Co-op



"Many of the fundamental concepts in metallurgy are constantly coming up in my present position. It is very difficult to understand everything involved in a process; however, my schooling helps me make better decisions on what should be happening within the material while being processed."

- John Gerczak, Intern



"Without hesitation, of course. A lot of what I've already studied is validated in job experience. Afterwards, I have a better understanding, and overall greater appreciation, of things learned. I also have a more diverse approach when it comes to class work."

- Kyle Jackson, Intern



"I use the same approach from doing school work in solving problems here."

- Nathan Murray, Co-op



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What are the benefits of living in the Quad Cities?
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"The Quad Cities, 'The biggest little cities in the Midwest," I say, because they area is growing and is fairly big, yet it is peaceful."

- Patrick Carson, Intern




"The Quad Cities has all the amenities of a large city, but a small town feel."

- Jeff Oleson, Co-op




"The Quad Cities has beautiful parks and really promotes an active lifestyle with the help of Alcoa's Lifestyle Committee. If I ever need anything in the Quad Cities, I can ride my bike or walk without a second thought because everything is so close."

- Ariane Roberson, Intern




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Recommendations from Alcoa employees
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"I would recommend an Alcoa internship/co-op because this work experience has been very beneficial to me in terms of making myself ready for the working world as well as been an incredible learning experience. It has also brought the college experience to a whole new level."

- Zack Meissen, Co-op



"By being an Alcoa intern/co-op, you are able to experience the real duty of your profession."

- Nga Nguyen, Intern




"It is a great experience, working with great people in a friendly environment. Safety always comes first here with learning/teaching not far behind."

- Alexander Ortega, Intern




"It is an excellent experience where you get to work on important projects. Co-workers here are great people to work with."

- Matt Tran, Intern




"It's a great opportunity to attain more project management, and people skills. Projects are not designed for a student to tackle, they are projects designed for a full-time engineer to work on. Learning is a lifelong skill and here at Alcoa there are always different things to learn about every day."

- Jason Miles, Intern






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