Industrial Engineering

As an Industrial/Manufacturing Engineer, you will find a wide variety of projects and assignments to keep you challenged and growing in this exciting field. Your contributions will cover all facets of industrial engineering using the most current techniques to perform project justification, process improvements, flow path management, capacity analysis, total quality management, and modeling of critical operations which result in increased plant flexibility and reduced waste in the system.

Challenging! With this vast array of responsibility, the Industrial/Manufacturing Engineers work to discover the most effective solutions to meet today's business problems. We are in high demand to develop and coordinate the solutions for problems faced by the various production areas. You will be part of a team that is well known and respected throughout the organization- providing solutions which will add value to our business into the next century.

Variety! Your work will offer a wide variety of projects. For example:
  • Increasing capacity on a constrained production center 
  • Applying appropriate quality tools to control key product and process characteristics 
  • Managing the flow of products by identifying and reducing waste
You will work with professionals in many fields, including Marketing, Sales, Supply Chain Management, Manufacturing, Maintenance, Engineering, and Accounting. You will also be working with shop floor personnel directly responsible for production and maintenance. At Alcoa, nearly every area relies upon the assistance and professional support the Industrial/ Manufacturing Engineers provide.

Our Vision We are continually looking to the future to ensure we provide the services and support that will meet or exceed the challenges of our company.