General Engineering Plates

Alcoa’s plate plants manufacture strong alloy plate for applications requiring increased strength, greater hardness and machinability. Applications are broad and varied. Plates are perfect for products such as fixtures, moulds, tooling plates, machined parts and semiconductor fabrication equipment, as well as in applications that require excellent wear resistance, like tipper trailers.

Applications of general engineering plate include:
  • Road transport (truck bodies, tankers, trailers) and rail transport (mass transport, trams)
  • Marine engineering - fast ferries, work boats, offshore rigs
  • Tooling plate
  • Machined parts
  • Welded pressure vessels, storage tanks, bulk storage - silos, static tanks
  • Electrical busbar, heat sinks and exchangers
  • Heavy duty structures requiring good corrosion resistance. Cargo containers, railcars and pipelines
  • Chemical and food plants


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