Up to 60% of household water is used outdoors, much of which is wasted, so be waterwise! WaterWise

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Water Tips

Being waterwise with your garden and lawn will not only help protect the environment, but also save you money and will help maintain optimum growing conditions. Simple ways of reducing the amount of water used for irrigation include growing native plants, mulching and adding water-retaining organic matter to the soil.  The United Nations estimates that over the next twenty years the supply of fresh water per-person will decline by 33%, so every step to conserve water will make a difference. 
Lawn Care for Conservation
One of the most important steps in making your garden drought-tolerant is to add plenty of organic matter such as compost and manure to the soil to improve water retention, plant health and soil structure.
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Landscaping for Conservation
Use plants that are native to your area, you will contribute to local biodiversity and reduce need/costs for fertiliser, pest control and replacement plants.

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Use the principles of hydrozoning for a water-efficient garden.
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How to Water Trees
Water trees separately from surrounding plant areas. Trees like long, slow watering and generally need to be watered to a much greater depth than grass and other plants.
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