Turn off hot water when on holiday. Your hot water will cool down, but you’ll save up to $0.35/day.

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Water Tips

The average household uses upwards of 400 litres of water a day and spends $300 a year on baths and showers. By using water wisely you can reduce water usage without compromising your lifestyle.

When we use water more efficiently, we reduce the need for costly water supply infrastructure investments and wastewater treatment facilities. Keep in mind, it takes a considerable amount of energy to deliver and treat the water we use every day.
Free water tips you can use today!
There a simple and FREE changes you can make when using water in and around your home to reduce greenhouse emissions and save you money now. So what are you waiting for?
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Water temperature
Check the temperature of water in your storage heater is set at 60 Deg C (Australian Standard).
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Ensure you have a water efficient shower head
Older shower roses can use 20 litres per min, installing a low flow showerhead – with a 7 or 9 litre flow rate can lead to substantial reductions in water, energy, emissions and costs.
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The 4 minute challenge
Reducing shower time down to 4 minutes a shower with a water efficient shower head really starts to make an impact. The old shower rose would consume 1400 litres per week per person or an incredible 218,400 litres per family of 3 per year.  
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Further water tips
The following tips on how to use water efficiently may incur a cost, but will further reduce your emissions and save you money!

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